Lowlands Beach Community Choir

Denmark Festival of Voice 2018

Another Festival of Voice triumph! Well, we had a great time. Quotes to remember:
  • "4th highest emotionally competent choir in the world" - Stephen Taberner
  • "Quite good. Sometimes." - Stephen Taberner
  • "The choir that drinks together stays together." - Stephen Taberner
  • "I could listen to that again." - anonymous Perth audience member overheard by Carmel
  • "You aren't as bad as last year." - singer from Eklektika - an old quote but a good one!

We can give you a taste of what we presented at the Festival:

We sang at:

  • Chilli Lime Salt - Saturday 12:15pm
  • Chilli Lime Salt - Sunday 1pm
  • St Leonards - Sunday 5pm

Many of us also participated in the Big Sing with Stephen Taberner. Stephen had us perform three songs:

  • Glenda's Song
  • Taku Mana
  • Michael Jackson mashup, with the audience joining the choir

DFoV 2018 Music List:


Photos were restricted in 2018, so we have a limited set to show you. Saturday performance pictures are courtesy of Vis and Raymond:
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