Lowlands Beach Community Choir

Denmark Festival of Voice 2019

The Denmark Festival of Voice 2019 was another highlight for us

This, sadly, is the only photo I have of the entire choir, taken from a video:

We performed on Saturday 1st June at the Arthouse, with less than our usual flair, but we made up for it on Sunday, with stellar performances at St Leonards and Green Pantry. "Sing for Joy" joined us at St Leonards, adding volumn and enthousiasm to our last two songs.

We sang:

  • Sho Sholoza
  • Chocolate Jesus
  • Beautiful Change
  • Maid, When You’re Young
  • I've Got a Brother
  • You Send Me
  • All that is Gold
  • Don't You Want to Go

Previous Festivals

Look back in time and see what we looked like and how we performed at previous Festivals: